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Driftwood, A Rotten Fairytale

“Driftwood, A Rotten Fairytale” carries a narrative experience that contains the elements of a dating simulation game and the otome/visual novel genre tied in together. Player choices and stat building are core parts that drive the mechanics of this game. The goal is to complete one out of three romance routes that take place in within a modern fantasy setting.

The player must collect enough romance points on the route they choose to follow by building up stats to retrieve items, choosing the best dialogue options, getting bonus points for favored stats, and buying gifts for their intended romance interest.

When playing the story of “Driftwood, A Rotten Fairytale” the player gets to follow the viewpoint of Ian Prince. Ian is a high school senior who is overrun with stress from the rapid changes affecting his life. His real dilemma begins on the day his father forces him to come fishing along the bay. Ian falls asleep on their boat from boredom but later wakes up to find himself in a cave and his entire body transformed into wood. In the wake of this disturbance Ian is met by the company of a sea witch and a mermaid who barter to return Ian’s body back to normal in exchange for his temporary servitude. The girls require his help throughout the duration of their intense life threatening bet that is set against each other. Lest he refuse, the sea witch threatens to turn his body into driftwood and ensures a painful death at the bottom of the ocean. Ian has no choice but to face the challenges of completing tasks for both the mermaid and the witch. However the situation complicates further once Ian returns to the surface as the reappearance of a forgotten friend questions his position and tries to convince Ian to find a way out of participating in the bet.


(Voiced by Michael Kovach)

Our main protagonist grew up with an inferiority complex as he was constantly being over shadowed by his older brother. Ian took to video games, staying inside, and scoring good grades while Richard took to soccer, football, and beer. Their parents were very socially driven and seemed to always give Richard more attention due to his success in teams sports which earned awards and more invitations to barbecues and dinner parties.

Ian felt like he always lacked the lack recognition he truly deserved. In order to compensate for his insecurities he became very self-sufficient and disciplined at a young age. However his proficiencies tend to hold him back as he overlooks important emotional subtext and garners a general disregard for others making him more of a highbrow recluse with constant mood swings.

Voiced by Chula Kiane King)

Being one of the youngest daughters in a royal mermaid family provided Sierra with a very sheltered childhood. She lacks some real world perspective and general stranger wariness but is very attuned to other people’s emotions and uses her general outlook on life to turn the most sour of situations into brighter outcomes.

Despite being a sunny optimist whenever something does bother Sierra, she tries to hide her worries. Sierra can be very prideful as she prefers to deal with stress alone and despises being a “burden” for others.  Her gamble in the bet is especially risky since the time window is small for her to accomplish her goal.


(Voiced by Tamara Fritz)

Morgan was born from a clan of witches that had a special relationship with Sierra’s Kingdom. In order to survive witches must consume magical essences. The term is vague and often times looked down upon for being more vampiric in a sense.

She lives as one of the last survivors from her clan who chose to stay near the coast. Her survival depends greatly on Sierra’s help and the two are very close with each other. Because of the misfortunes in her life, Morgan has shaped a very raw personality. She is very straightforward and has a habit of powerplaying conversations. She is not without kindness and empathy, that side of her is very guarded.


Voiced by Sam Chin)

Ian and Max practically grew up together and were were really close up until the beginning of high school. The town they grew up in was a wealthy, judgmental close-knit community. The basis for their friendship was founded on cynical camaraderie- “you’re the only one here that doesn’t suck so let’s hang out after school and play video games.”

They were pretty unwilling to hang out  with the other kids which made them the targets of constant teasing and bullying. It became so bad that Max’s family moved away mostly because of the situation. Max is a great friend with good intentions but crumbles under stress.


  • Coordinator: Annalisa
  • Project Managing: Wen
  • Programming: Zack
  • Writers: Annalisa, Lauren, Zack
  • Proofreading: Jennifer, Erika
  • Artists: Jin Fang, Allison Cao “Acewalker04”, Hazaki F K “Exosfear94”, Josie “Potouto”, “Mayuyu”
  • Music: Plasterbrain
  • SFX: Annalisa
  • Voice Casting & Directing: Zack

Driftwood, A Rotten Fairytale is being developed through the Ren’Py engine.